As a professional research analyst working in the City of London I developed extensive experience writing on a broad range of topics for a variety of audiences.

I’ve produced research and analysis for some of the worlds leading companies and have presented my research in London, Paris, NY and Zurich.

I’ve worked with some of the leading financial services technology vendors to produce marketing material that engages and influences their target audiences.

My primary areas of specialism include:

  • Technology
  • Sports / Health and fitness
  • Business and economics
  • Self help / personal development
  • Travel
  • Blockchain / Ethereum

So what?

I have a passion for writing. I write a lot, daily.

My background makes me ideally suited to producing high quality content across a wide range of topics in a short time frame.

Working on technical projects developed my capability to distill complex topics into concise, well written and search engine friendly content.

Having written for a variety of audiences, I understand the importance of empathy. I take the time to understand the target audience and can adjust my writing style to resonate with the readers.

I work with companies such as marketing agencies and sourcing specialists and also maintain a small portfolio of my own websites (E.g. 500 Calorie Fitness and Startup Market Research).

If all of this sounds good, don’t hesitate to get in touch, i’m really looking forward to working with you!

Check out my writing samples or contact me for more information.


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